Curb Appeal: How to Make Your Car Wash Exterior Shine

WOW Carwash

Marketing your car wash starts in the street. A customers decision to visit a car wash typically occurs as they are passing to pull in or driving by.

A vibrant car wash exterior with brightly lit entrances, colorful signage and captivating features like LED lighting and foam help to create a positive customer experience, but that only happens when they’ve entered the wash area.

Because the customer experience starts in the street, you have to grab your customer’s attention with colorful, well-designed signage and attractive, well-maintained buildings.

Soften it up

Plantings and foliage can be used to soften the visual landscape of your car wash. Often, car wash owners look to maximize their space, which can result in overcrowding. Negative spaces, like curbs and islands, are often overlooked. Softening these areas with lush landscaping will help set a softer scene, break up the hardscape and provide visual interest.

Say it with signage

Signs on any car wash site should be highly visible. Directions should be easy to understand, allowing customers to easily navigate through their car wash experience. Large, colourful, well-placed signs should provide visual cues to customers, showing them where they need to pay, enter the tunnel and exit.

Keep it clean

It’s hard not to judge a book by its cover. Appearances matter. When you and your staff have some downtime, walk around the property and pick up any stray garbage that has blown into the lot, wash dirt off the walls and keep the windows clean, including the wash tunnel windows. Take the time to ensure that the landscaping is free of weeds. Touch up peeling paint, and fill pot holes and cracks. Little enhancements to the property can result in big returns.

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