Create a Safety Net: How To Prevent Winter Injuries


Top tips to help prevent injuries

Working in winter weather conditions can have its challenges. Snow and ice increase the incidents of slips and falls, so it’s important to take a preventative approach to safety to protect your people and your profits.

Knowledge is power

Educate employees on how trips and falls occur and how to avoid them. It’s both the employer and the employee’s responsibility to make sure the safety rules are understood and followed.

Suit up

If employees are working outdoors, appropriate gear for the weather is needed to stay warm and dry and protected from the elements. Heavy jackets, waterproof boots, and anti-slip gloves help maintain the proper grip and make outdoor work safe.
The proper footwear will ensure feet stay planted firmly on the ground. Source anti-slip footwear from companies that design workplace attire for industrial use.
In the winter, it’s dark in the morning and late afternoon. Invest in high visibility clothing with reflective stripes to ensure that employees can be seen.

Walk all over it

Safety mats are an effective addition to the safety line up. A flow through mat with a rubber bottom and material top allows moisture to flow below the surface of the mat, and keep the top dry. A dry walking surface reduces the likelihood of accidents. This is beneficial for both your employees and customers that might be walking in and out of the shop.

Keep it clean

The weather can change on a dime, so what starts out as a sunny day can sometimes turn into a heavy snowfall or freezing rain.
Ensure that your driveway is drive proof and slip proof.
After a snow storm, clear all walkways and driveways. Ensure store entries and car wash entries are clear and accessible.
Sand or salt all areas for additional traction to ensure the driveway is drive-able and slip resistant. Check signage and make sure it’s clear of debris. Visitors and employees should always be able to clearly read instructions. Check roof lines and troughs and keep them clear of melting snow and chunks of ice that can give way and fall.

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