Why Consumers Still Prefer a Professional Car Wash


car washWhen it is time to wash the car, most people hesitate to go out into their driveway and do the job themselves. It is messy, time consuming and requires a lot of effort. Most consumers still prefer a professional car wash for good reason. It is much more convenient and it also provides an array of other important benefits. Let’s take a look at why people opt for a professional car wash over the DIY.

1. A Professional Car Wash Thoroughly Cleans The Vehicle

The best professional car washes will clean the entire vehicle, not just the top and sides. Car wash services thoroughly clean the hard to reach undercarriage of the vehicle. This is essential for those who drive in cold weather. During the winter, salt is put onto the roads to improve tire traction. Tires kick this salt up into the undercarriages of vehicles where it settles in and causes significant corrosion. Elite car washes will be equipped with the technology and machines necessary to clean the salt, sand and grime from the undercarriage. These are tricky spots to clean and most consumers can’t reach them while hand washing their vehicles at home.

2. They Are Better For The Environment

Did you know that many jurisdictions in Canada have made washing one’s vehicle at home in the driveway illegal? They have passed these laws out of a concern to preserve the environment. One day, such a law could also be passed in the United States. When one washes his car in his driveway, he uses all sorts of cleaners with chemicals that harm the environment. As water is sprayed onto the vehicle to rinse away these cleaners, their chemicals flow into storm drains, ground water and lawns. The result is unnecessary pollution. Consumers understand that professional car washes dispose of such cleaners with the proper drainage systems. Consumers also know that professional car washes use less water. Car wash businesses reclaim used water, treat and then re-use it.

3. Professional Car Washes Do Not Damage The Vehicle

Consumers are quickly learning just how harmful a home wash can be. When one washes his vehicle by hand with brushes and sponges, they can easily scratch the vehicle. Very small particles of silt, dirt and sand become trapped within the sponges and brushes and are pressed against the car’s exterior. This can severely degrade the vehicle’s finish over time. Alternatively, professional car washes make use of top of the range car wash equipment that can’t damage your vehicle.


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