Competing Car Washes Don’t Want You to Read This


Unless you’re operating your car wash in an extremely small town, there are probably other car washes with which you have to compete. The idea of competition scares many people.

To them, it means that they have to go head to head with someone else. And they could lose.

Your competitors are counting on you having that attitude. They’re hoping that you won’t want to fight with them to attract customers. Your business’ success hinges on you defying your competitors’ expectations.

So, what do you need to do to succeed in the face of competition? Your car wash has to stand out from the rest. One of the ways in which it can do that is with top-of-the-line car wash equipment.

Your Car Wash Equipment Matters

Your car wash equipment was a big investment. You researched it carefully before you purchased it. Now, you need everyone to know about it.

The car wash equipment you’ve chosen is what helps set you apart from the competition. Do you have an express wash tunnel which includes features such as tire chemical applicators, brushes which gently yet thoroughly clean vehicles and energy efficient nozzles?

Make sure that you include this information in your advertising. Innovative products and services excite customers. They like knowing that their car or truck will be cleaned using cutting-edge techniques and technologies, and they will come to your car wash because it offers them that opportunity.

Do Your Homework

What do you do if you’re just getting started in the car wash business? You might not have a location, and if you do, that location might not have the latest equipment.

Research whether it is cost effective to replace the equipment. It might not be possible to replace all of it at once; perhaps you can replace it bit by bit.

You should also take the opportunity to investigate what car wash equipment your competitors use. They’re trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Take the opportunity to discover whether their strategies are working for them or not.

Remember, customer service is also an important way to differentiate yourself. When you have talented team members who care about your customers and will go out of the way to make them happy, your customers will keep coming back to you. More importantly, they’ll tell their friends, family and coworkers about the great experience they had at your car wash.

MacNeil: Your Trusted Source for High Quality Car Wash Equipment

If you’re a car wash owner or are considering getting into the car wash business, call MacNeil today at 1-800-361-7797. MacNeil has been offering high quality, affordable equipment to car washes for over 30 years. We offer express wash tunnels, in-bay express wash conversion and the ExpressLane Drive Through system (with or without dryers).

This top-of-the-line equipment will set you apart from the competition – it provides your customers with cleaner vehicles through a time-saving, efficient process. Do you want to attract customers to your business? Contact MacNeil today to learn more.

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