Chemical Attraction: How to Choose the Right Chemical Supplier


There’s a lot to consider when choosing a chemical supplier. A supplier that offers you products that produce a clean, dry car are nice, but these are not the only criteria that should be addressed. Here are a few things to consider when searching for a chemical supplier.

Professional Advice and Consultation

Knowledge is key, and with the right chemical professional, it’s about more than just the sale. They’ll help to ensure that you have the knowledge you need to keep your wash running optimally by showing you how to do regular checks to ensure equipment is working properly.

They’ll advise you on how to best clean and adjust nozzles, use the right chemicals as the seasons change to tackle challenges like bugs and pollen in summer and dirt, sand and salt in winter, evaluate the type of water you are using (hard vs. soft), and more.

Terrific Training

A great chemical supplier will provide you with comprehensive training materials and resources, and help you understand the how and why behind the chemistry. A supplier who offers classes your staff can attend, that is taught by professionals who work in the field is a huge benefit.

Lean and Green

With a stronger understanding of how your choices have an impact on the environment, it’s good to go green! A supplier that can provide an environmentally friendly chemical lineup is a must. Customers are becoming more eco-friendly and want services that they can feel positive about.  Eco-friendly offerings help market your car wash in a positive way, because customers can feel good about cleaning their car without the negative environmental effects.

What to look for in an eco-friendly solution: non-corrosive formulas that come in recyclable packaging. They’re free of VOCs, ozone-depleting compounds, formaldehyde, phosphates, nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE) and hydrofluoric acid (HF) or ammonium biflluoride (ABF). It’s a clean you can feel good about.

Good ROI

A supplier with industry experience knows the ins and outs in the chemical world. They’ve grown and changed as the industry has evolved. There’s peace of mind when dealing with a company that’s been around for the long haul.

A full solutions supplier might also be able to offer you creative purchasing options like bundled discounts with equipment.  Look for vendors that offer concentrated formulas or bulk purchase options that allow you to maximize your ROI by reducing the cost per wash.

Want to know more? Connect with one of our industry experts about how we can help create the right chemical reaction at your car wash today.