Car Wash Maintenance – 5 Great Tips

car wash maintenance

Regular car wash maintenance will keep customers coming back and ensure many years of safe and reliable operation.  Here’s five great tips for keeping your car wash system in top shape. 5 Great Tips to Maintain Your Car Wash Pressure wash the bays, check water pressure and flow, and run the cycle to ensure everything is…

A Guide to Making Your Car Wash Website Mobile Friendly Part 1


People are abandoning their desktop computers for mobile devices at a breakneck pace — nearly two-thirds of all American adults (63%) use their cell phones to go online, and this number is growing fast. For all businesses, including car washes like yours, this makes the need to make your website accessible to mobile devices very apparent. Here are a…

Creative Ideas to Bring in the Holiday Cheer at Your Car Wash


Do you want to get into the holiday spirit, at your car wash? Doing so, means that there is a good chance of generating more business. Why? Almost everyone loves the holidays. Invite Santa to Visit There’s no better way to invoke holiday spirit. Children generally want to visit Santa, regardless of where he parks…