5 Factors of Clean


The Perfect Washing World If we washed cars in a perfect scenario, all 5 of the Factors of Clean would work in harmony with each other. Our water would always be soft, brushes sweeping effortlessly across all surfaces cleaning every nook and cranny, product getting 20 seconds of dwell and our dream would continue. All…

Chemical Attraction: How to Choose the Right Chemical Supplier


There’s a lot to consider when choosing a chemical supplier. A supplier that offers you products that produce a clean, dry car are nice, but these are not the only criteria that should be addressed. Here are a few things to consider when searching for a chemical supplier. Professional Advice and Consultation Knowledge is key,…

An Easier Way to Finance Your Car Wash Project

NCS College of Clean

By Curt Newsom, Vice President – Ascentium Capital. Although most local banks and lenders still have little or no interest in lending money to new or experienced car wash operators, there are options available.  Ascentium Capital (www.AscentiumCapital.com) is a specialized direct lender who has committed over $50,000,000 in capital for the financing of equipment to…

Mistakes That Will Cost Any Carwash Their Customers

opening a car wash

Are you accidentally sending your customers elsewhere? Let’s hope not. Your automatic carwash business is unique. But you can still make mistakes that any business might make—ones that will cost you money and customers. Make sure you’re not guilty of: Old Carwash Equipment Keep your equipment as up-to-date as possible. You know that the best…

How Your Car Wash Can Make an Extra $5000 a Month

independant vs chain car wash

Pretty safe to assume that you would notice and appreciate an extra $5000 a month in revenue? We thought so. The first step is asking how your car wash equipment can do more for you, and cost less. Let’s start by keeping your chemical costs down. If your automatic car wash isn’t using Gloss Boss…