Car Wash Water Conservation Program Launched in Virginia


automatic car wash systemsWe’re always pleased to tell you about “green” or environmentally progressive advances in car wash equipment and automatic car wash systems—particularly ones that help local car washes stay open.

Earlier this month, officials announced a new voluntary water conservation program that allows Albemarle County car washes to stay open in drought warning conditions in Virginia.

The Carwash Certification Program, conceived by the city of Charlottesville and the Albemarle County Service Authority, will help promote car washes that:

  • Install low-flow toilets in their facilities
  • Limit how much potable water they use per wash
  • Adhere to best management practices
  • Immediately repair leaks that would waste water

Car washes in Albemarle County that do not participate will not be allowed to operate during a drought warning, officials said. However, this is a great opportunity for environmentally conscious car washes, as they can stay open and capitalize on an open market.

So far, Albemarle County has seen nine car washes signed up, officials said. Elsewhere, only two car washes in Charlottesville have opted in, with hopes that more will take part in the near future.

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