Your Old Car Wash System is a Waste of Money


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Is your old car wash system holding you back?

The answer is yes. Here are some reasons why investing any more time and money onto your old car wash system is not only a waste of cash, but it is costing you money right now:

An updated car wash system will save you thousands on your water bill

As you know, water is one of a car wash’s most costly resources. Older car wash systems use a lot of water, costing you to unnecessarily spend tens of thousands of dollars each year.

As the Alliance for Water Efficiency said in a recent article, “the efficient technologies and practices adopted in recent years by many in the car wash industry have gone a long way toward minimizing the use of water in these facilities.”

You can only take advantage of these benefits by using the technology that provides them. When you upgrade to modern car wash systems you are effectively minimizing your water use — and the cost that goes with it.

Also keep in mind that some of your more environmentally conscious customers will be more likely to pay a visit to your car wash when they know your system uses less water.

New car wash systems use fewer chemicals

Water isn’t the only valuable resource that updated car wash systems use a lot less of. In addition to reducing your car wash’s water consumption, upgrading to newer car wash equipment will also allow you to use less soap, wax, etc. for each wash, saving you even more money.

A better car wash system means a better wash

The quality of your car wash system will determine how likely customers are to come back to your car wash, and how much they are willing to pay for your services.

As car wash equipment wears down, so does its ability to clean. This means that what was once a top of the line system will eventually hurt your car wash business by giving your customers poor washes.

No More Breakdowns

When your car wash equipment breaks or malfunctions, you end up losing money in two ways:

  1. You are effectively unable to serve customers to turn a profit

  2. You still have to pay for repairs for the broken equipment

New car wash equipment, on the other hand, which is wear and tear free, is very unlikely to break or malfunction.

Is it time to upgrade your car wash system?

In order to keep your car wash profitable, you need to keep your car wash systems up to date. This is where Macneil Wash Systems can help. With more than 30 years experience, we know what your car wash needs to be profitable. We will help you modernize your car wash equipment, while providing the same quality products and services.

Contact us today and let us help you upgrade your car wash system.

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