Car Wash Maintenance – 5 Great Tips

car wash maintenance

Regular car wash maintenance will keep customers coming back and ensure many years of safe and reliable operation.  Here’s five great tips for keeping your car wash system in top shape.

5 Great Tips to Maintain Your Car Wash

  1. Pressure wash the bays, check water pressure and flow, and run the cycle to ensure everything is operating. Ensure brushes, vacuums and dry systems are free of debris that may potentially harm a customers vehicle.
  2. Check and empty receptacles and vacuum dust bins weekly. Wash out bay sediment traps, and drain any water from the air compressor. This is also a good time to check the product vending levels and ensure the oil pump is full and free of water.
  3. Once a month, check the nozzles, hoses and lines for wear or damage. Locate and change burnt out lights and change filters as needed. Check belts and gears for possible replacement.
  4. Once every six months, change out the carbon filter if you have an osmosis filter. Replace the oil in the air compressor and oil pump and check moving components for wear and replacement.
  5. As needed, pressure wash the building and parking lot. Lubricate locks and freshen up painted surfaces, including the driveway and the exterior of the building to create a warm welcome.

As with any piece of equipment, repair or replace items as needed. It’s better to replace suspect parts sooner than later, as one bad part can quickly affect another.

Your equipment is one of your largest assets. Care and car wash maintenance can ensure that your system lives several lives and resists wear and tear.

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