Keep it clean – Order up great profits with your carwash menu

car wash menu sample

First impressions count. When customers pull up to your carwash, the menu is often a first glimpse at what you can offer them.
It might seem like creating a carwash menu is a simple task, but a good one requires more than just big, bold text and competitive pricing.
So what makes a menu great? There’s lots of factors at play, but a good menu will promote sales while educating the customer, creating a clean, stress-free sale.

If you’ve ever flipped through a large restaurant menu, you’ll know it’s frustrating to make a choice when faced with page after page of options. Too many choices muddy the decision-making waters. Not only does it create confusion, it also leaves room for doubt and buyer’s remorse.

Customers want to be confident in their choices, but too many options turns an easy experience into a confusing one.
To create a clean purchase environment, consider creating three to five packages that combine the services that your customers most need, and place the rest of your offerings in an additional, a-la-carte menu.

So what information should you include in the menu? Package names, a description of services and pricing are all important components of any menu board.

Consider naming your packages with simple, easy to remember headlines. Something like ‘The Ultimate Wash’ or ‘The Gold Package’ allows your customer to immediately connect that what they are purchasing is top of the line service, whereas something like ‘The Show Stopper’ or ‘The Suds King’ does not.

Second, detail what each package includes. It allows customers to make an informed choice and gives them a clear breakdown of the value of each package. It also allows them to quickly zero in on the best option at the best value. If including a wax is important to Johnny, he’ll be able to easily identify which package includes the option he needs for an easy, stress-free experience.

Third, clearly defined pricing will allow your customers to connect the value they are receiving to the service you are providing. Maybe package two has everything they need, or adding a tire and rim cleaning to package four will give them the right service at the best price.
To know this, customers should be able to quickly scan the board to locate the desired service. Being able to do this will instill confidence in their buying decision, and keep customers from stressing out and opting for a basic carwash by default.