Car Wash To Give Out Free Cash and Washes on Black Friday


automatic car wash equipmentEveryone wants to have a big Black Friday—and the providers of automatic car wash and car wash equipment are no different. But how far are you willing to go?

Are you willing to give your services away, OR pay someone a dollar to use them? This is one daring car wash owner’s plan. Ronen Drory, owner of the Prestige Car Wash in Taunton, Mass is giving away free car washes and personally handing out one dollar bills to patrons.

“This is the kind of thing people will remember 10 years from now,” said Drory.

Drory said he expects to see 1,500 to 2,000 cars on Black Friday and is bringing on four extra employees to help. As each car enters the free wash, Drory said he will thank them for coming and pay them one dollar.

This is obviously a very bold strategy. People are out in droves over this 4 day weekend. Shoppers will spend an estimated $60 billion, and giving your services away means you don’t see any of that money. In Drory’s case, he’ll lose a dollar every time he gets a customer, to the possible tune of $2000.00.

However, what this will do is expose the Prestige Car Wash to holiday shoppers who are out and about over the weekend. It has also garnered the attention of USA today, which is coverage that any car wash owner would spend $2000.00 for.

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