Superior Cleaning in Areas Other Tunnel Car Wash Brushes Can’t Reach

When you consider how dirty vehicles get down low from any number of road conditions, it’s important to have a piece of equipment that can handle anything thrown its way. Not all tunnel car wash brushes are created equally—let alone back up what they claim.

Our powerful side washer tunnel car wash brush packs more cleaning power into less space. With excellent wash consistency and controlled cleaning pressure, the RS-400 Low Side Washer targets the lower regions of vehicles for superior cleaning performance while the gentle Envirosoft® foam means it can operate at higher rotational speeds to provide the customer with the cleanest wash possible.

  • Features MacNeil's Envirosoft foam and patented maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant Pro-Coat finish
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Excellent wash consistency and individually controlled side-cleaning pressure
  • Air controls for effective, consistent cleaning pressures
  • “No-shim” leveling feet for accurate installs and reduced stress on moving components
  • Available in three brush heights to accommodate every configuration
  • Available in hydraulic or electric direct drive
  • Ideal for tunnel car washes


  • Stainless-steel bearings and hardware
  • Solenoid valve—optional voltage
  • One-year manufacturer warranty



  • ¾" line (hose barb on spray bar)
  • 40 PSI (2.8 BAR) min. pressure
  • 3.2 GPM (12.1/brush)

Operating Parameters:

  • 100 RPM brush speed
  • 50–150 CPH (cars per hour) line speed capability


  • ¼" line (quick connect on cylinder)
  • 0.5 CFM (0.014 cu m/min.)
  • 60 PSI (4BAR)