How to Get Your Car Wash Employees to Put More Love into What they Do


car wash businessOne of the best ways to keep your car wash employees on track and working hard is to offer them a reason to put more effort into their work. Of course, we would all love it if our employees came to work full of passion and energy each day. However, that can be hard when they lack the motivation. The key is to find a happy medium where you reward employees who go above and beyond their duties. This will help you find the balance between incentives and general praise.

Conducive Work Environment

A positive work environment is one reason employees work hard and diligently at their jobs. You want them to feel comfortable and at home without easing up on respect and authority. The workplace should be a place where employees look forward to spending their time. If not, then they will be doing their work like it is a chore with no enthusiasm. This will not make a good impression on customers, and in turn, it could hurt the overall business.  Thus, incentives are a must when it comes to figuring out how to empower employees without giving them free reign to do whatever they like on the job.


The key thing to remember is that an incentive does not have to be money. In fact, it will work better if there is no financial gain to be had whatsoever. Think of giving out things like funny gifts or prime parking spots to those that really give the job their all. Little things like this can encourage employees do their best with a friendly employee competition. Create a chart that gives points to employees who receive compliments from customers, organize messy areas etc. Each month the points can be added up with the winner getting the pre-determined prize. Actions like these incentives and competitions are the best way to get employees working together for the overall betterment of the business.

Encourage People to Aim High

One of the best ways to ensure your team is working hard and happily is to start off with people who want to be there. If they seem interested in the work and business model, then grasp on to them. You need to hire people who are willing to put in their hours to move up in the business. However, many people are not willing to be eager about a job where there is no growth. If you encourage people and give them hope that they can make more money with a better position, then your business will attract motivated workers who want to make a difference.

The goal is to hire people with potential and determination. It does not matter if they do not have the right education or work experience. They can easily learn how to operate the car wash equipment. If you want to invest in the growth of your business, train eager employees right from the ground up to create a happy workplace.


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