Car Wash and Dog-Wash Opens in Indiana


car wash systemsIn operating a business that offers car wash systems or a tunnel car wash, you always want to try to meet a need in your community. That is exactly what the owners of Clean Spot in Fort Wayne, Indiana have done with their new car wash and dog wash.

According to Fort Wayne’s News Sentinel, Brenda and Alan Stephens bought the pre-existing Canterbury Car Wash and added a few upgrades, which included a heated indoor bay where dog owners can give their pooch a wash.

“After some research, we saw people doing car and dog washes in other areas. We didn’t know of one in Fort Wayne…and felt this was a good location with so much traffic,” said Brenda.

Both Brenda and Alan are first-time entrepreneurs but have tapped into a strong business concept to meet a need in that area. A bit of unofficial market research comes from washing their dog, Lilly.

“It’s difficult to get a big dog in a tub and right now it’s too cold to wash in a backyard…and when they shake there’s a gigantic mess,” said Brenda.

Clean Spot provides dog washing from $10 to $20. Prices may go up to $30 with a bundled dog and car wash.

If you have any questions about car wash systems or tunnel car washes, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

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