Just Opened a Car Wash? Why Car Wash Customers Will Leave the Other Guy For You

opened a car wash

So, you’ve just opened a car wash. You cut the ribbon, you washed your first car, and now you’re waiting for customers to come through the door.

Unless you’re the only car wash in town, you’re facing competition. And sometimes, that competition is tough. What can you do to attract more drivers? Read on to learn about how to steal “the other guy’s” customer base and make it yours.

Discover Your Difference

What makes your car wash different than your competitors? Is it in a fantastic location? Are you using the latest and greatest equipment? Do you offer free WiFi?

Businesses attract customers because they can effectively communicate how they’re different from their competition. Figure out what positive attributes would bring in more people, and highlight them in your marketing materials.

Reach out to Customers on Their Terms

The reason it seems like everyone has a smartphone nowadays is because practically everyone does. More importantly, they’re spending more time on their smartphones than their computers.

What does that mean for your car wash? You’ve got to start advertising on a platform where you’ll be guaranteed an audience. Creating a social media profile can be a smart step. Facebook isn’t just for posting pictures of cats. There are many businesses that have created pages. Their customers can like the page and receive updates about them, such as when it’s running promotions and deals. Creating a profile on social media sites makes your brand seem less distant and more human. It can also give it a more fun, hipper image.

Offer Great Customer Service, Even at a Self-Serve Facility

If you’ve just opened a car wash, one of the most important things you can do as a business owner is ensure your employees are offering amazing customer service. You might be saying, “Well, I run a self-service car wash. How can I offer amazing customer service?”

Part of amazing customer service is providing a positive experience. Even if you’ve got a self-serve car wash, you can still help your customers have a wonderful experience. Make sure that your facility is clean and well lit. Well-maintained equipment means that drivers don’t have to wait or forego their car wash altogether because something isn’t working. Also, fill any potholes or fix any cracks on surfaces that could lead to bumps or hiccups for your customers’ vehicles.

Invest in Efficient Car Wash Systems to Keep Your Customers

Without the right car wash equipment, keeping your car wash customers will be next to impossible. If you truly want to keep your customers happy, you should invest in modern car wash systems, and Macneil Wash Systems can set you up.

Just opened a car wash?  We’re here to help.  We have been in the industry for more than 30 years and during that time, we have installed countless car wash systems, provided equipment to new and established car wash companies, and supplied parts to customers across North America. Contact us today to receive a no-obligation quote or further information.

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