Community Car Wash – A Great Way to Get Involved

Community Car Wash

If you’re a small business owner looking to make a big impact, start with your local community…or maybe a community car wash.

Whether you’re selling pizzas, insurance, or yes, car washes, connecting with the community on a meaningful level.  It will allow your service to become a critical part of the local fabric.  You’ll weave your way into the community in a way other businesses and customers won’t soon forget.

Try these ways to get out and get involved today!


The impact of volunteering is big. It shows you are willing to give your time to be a part of something other than your business. You’re instantly a team player. Volunteer on your own or rally the team.  Spend a day at  a local Habitat build, recreation centre or food bank.

Get on board

One of the best ways to get yourself known in the community is to serve on a community board. Find an opportunity that you’re interested in and  helps serve your business. . Local business councils will connect you to other local business owners, and networking is a powerful tool to help increase visibility in the local community.


Start networking and keep an eye out for potential partnership opportunities. Make connections with local businesses that complement your services or can elevate them. A local restaurant can offer community car wash coupons with every guest bill or perhaps a convenience store can offer a coupon with each purchase.

Sponsor a local team. Donate funds or products to a local school fundraiser or community event. Sponsor a local car show. These are all great ways to increase your local visibility.

Be involved in events

Festivals, parades, local races like a charity run or team bed race. These events are great opportunities to get out in the community. Participate or have a table set up where people can casually stop by and learn more about what your business offers.  Offer sign-up sheets with an incentive for signing up.

It’s promo time!

If you are participating in community events or planning an event of your own, like a community car wash, an eye-catching promotion, giveaway or contest will give your community an incentive to participate or attend.

Looking for ways to build a better car wash business? We can help.





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