What is your Car Wash Chemical IQ?


In order to deliver clean, shiny, dry cars every time, car wash operators need to utilize top of the line equipment, have acceptable water quality and manage their car wash cleaning solutions properly. When it comes to car wash cleaning solutions, it is imperative that chemicals are handled safely and used properly to ensure the safety of staff, the happiness of customers, and a great ROI for the owners. Car wash owners, managers and staff therefore need to possess a thorough understanding of the role cleaning solutions play in their car washes to ensure cleaning effectiveness, proper lubrication of vehicles, protection of car finishes, effective drying and to enhance the longevity of their car wash system.

We have put together a short quiz to test your cleaning solutions knowledge.

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You will receive hands-on experience in a wet lab built in a six-bay car wash where you will work with chemical portioning devices, get expert instruction in titration, learn the optimum amounts of detergent and ideal chemical combinations to produce clean cars and run an efficient wash, and discover the ins and outs of chemical safety. After completing the course, you will return to your car wash armed with the knowledge to save—sometimes a large amount—on chemical expenses and to ensure customers leave your car wash with clean, shiny cars every time. No more white spots, no more stubborn, stuck-on grime like bugs or road salts. Enroll now! Our car wash experts are excited to help put you on the path to a more efficient, more profitable car wash. Learn More >>