Car Wash Boss Catches Thief on Video


car wash equipmentThis is why you should have a video camera to guard your car wash equipment and car wash systems. Earlier this week, FOX News reported that a Waterloo, Illinois car wash owner caught a man in the act of stealing from his business.

Monty Wolfe was monitoring Shure Shine Auto Wash from home, when he saw someone breaking into his cash machines.

He then sped to his car wash and caught the thief red-handed.

“I could see he was looking for anything that held cash,” said Wolfe.

The suspect then escaped and led police on a 3-mile chase and even tried to ram a Waterloo police car. Officer’s ended the chase after 2 blocks to reduce the danger for other drivers on the road.

“He almost took out 2 or 3 cars out. He was running at least 100 miles per hour down the road with his lights off. He hit one my poles in the parking lot and brushed me with his car,” said Wolfe.

“I was within 6 inches of him running me over. He had no concern for anyone’s life or his own.”

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