Car Wash Advertising: Online or Offline? Which is Better for Your Car Wash?


car wash advertisingGood service and a good car wash experience are still the cornerstone of car wash success, but what else can you do to drive traffic to your car wash? When it comes to car wash advertising for your car wash, dynamic signs and coupons are a timeless approach, but today, it’s not the only one. If you’re not online, you’re missing an entire demographic of potential customers.

Online advertisingcar wash advertising

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s instant access. Online car wash advertising shows that you run a forward thinking, legitimate business that’s on board with current trends.  Customers are tech savvy more than ever before. They won’t only look for your online presence, they’ll expect it. How can you effectively use technology?

  • Website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram. Your clients are online. Join them. It costs you nothing and helps build brand awareness and reach your client base 24/7.
  • Create inexpensive mobile advertisement campaigns. They’re flexible, fast, inexpensive and effective.
  • Online review sites and listings. Make sure you list your business on as many sites as possible. A few good reviews will do the marketing for you.
  • Being online means you can boost things instantly when you are having a slow day. Post specials to your website, blog, etc. Send promo messages to subscribers, such as “10% off member-only car wash prices until 4 PM today only! Bring a friend and get 15% off!” Place signage outside to reinforce your online special, and you’ll be hopping in no time.

car wash advertisingOffline advertising has a place too

Why? Older customers still like to “let their fingers do the walking.” Continue to use attractive signage outside our business, but also consider placing ads and coupons on local publications, such as the yellow pages and city program booklets. Drop coupons and flyers to other local businesses. It provides exposure and interest in your immediate community and make follow-through easy for your potential customer base.

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