Unlimited Car Wash Plans- Reap the Benefits!


If you’re thinking of offering an unlimited monthly car wash plan to your customers, it can be a game changer. Not only can it help balance the highs and lows due to weather and changing seasons, it helps build a loyal customer base while providing a steady monthly revenue stream. It’s a win!

Bold benefits
Perception is everything, and often customers buy into a concept because it looks good from the outside. When your location is busy, it sends the signal that you’re offering something customers want. Not only will a monthly wash program generate recurring revenue, as the wash gets busier, the steady stream of customers may draw in new clientele.

Keep the pricing simple
When working out your pricing, remember that customers are buying into your concept to get a deal. They want to know they are going to get something back for making an investment up-front. Consider your profit margin and create a package price that makes sense for your business and your customers.

Promote, promote, promote!
You can’t just sit back and wait for the recurring revenue to roll in! You’ve got to promote it! Your regular customers are entering and exiting your site week after week, but do they know about your program? Your front line staff should know about the program and be able to promote it by siting the benefits. Signage at your car wash bays, registers, vacuum sites and more should be attractive and easily visible.

It’s a team effort
Running a wash program is going to require additional resources. You’ll need staff in place that will know how to sell the program and then know what to do once they have a customer on-board. A wrinkled stack of sign-up forms on the desk isn’t going to cut it. Today’s savvy customer isn’t going to shell out their personal information to create a recurring payment plan to just anyone in any format. Consider things like: how is the recurring payment going to be set up? Where will the information be stored? How can customers access their plan quickly and easily? How will you ensure that they know their privacy and personal information is respected? Know who and what you are going to need to make the program a successful one.

Interested in learning more about how MacNeil’s team of experts can guide you in building successful car wash programs? We’re here to help.

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