Cape Town Cracks Down on “Informal Carwashes”

Automatic car washes make better use of water than hand-washing
Automatic car washes make better use of water than hand-washing

We take pride in the fact that our automatic carwash equipment and systems make the absolute most efficient use of water. In fact, they’re considerably more “green” than doing it the old fashion way with a bucket and water.

Case in point, in South Africa, the City of Cape Town is taking action to address “informal car washes” operating at taxi ranks and other transport interchanges.

Town officials feel these operations are using far too much water, while adding too much dirty water to local the storm water system.

Solomzi Mzamo, of the city’s utilities department, told iol News that there was “huge wastage” in Claremont, towards the main intersection. Water was coming from an outside tap via a hosepipe without a control nozzle, and Mzamo said, “To make matters worse, the water runs all the time and the pipe is merely left on the ground.”

The mayoral committee member for utilities, Ernest Sonnenberg, added that the city could ask its residents to use water sparingly and then allow taxi operators and others to waste water at informal car washes.

If you have any questions about how to make your automatic carwash system more efficient in the way it uses water, please contact us any time.

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