California Car Washes Enjoy Warm Weather… For Now


Automatic car washWill a warm winter weather mean cold summer sales for car washes in California? Automatic car wash and tunnel car wash owners hope not.

Balmy conditions have meant a semi-boom for car wash owners in California. They’re enjoying a much higher-than-average January due to unseasonably warm weather.

“We’re definitely not used to wearing shorts and tee shirts and having 80 degree weather in January,” explained Manager Tom Fields of the Clean Car Car Wash in Redding.

Fields told that although they’re enjoying the current surge in sales, they’re hoping for a good amount of rainfall before the summer heat arrives. If times are dry, they could be facing their water usage being cut or possible drought conditions.

The good news is that Fields stresses they’re very efficient in the way they use their water.

“A lot of car washes in California recycle water and that’s huge in itself. We recycle up to 60 percent at a given time,” said Fields.

He added it’s more efficient than washing your car at home.

“For water conservation alone, you actually spend 40 percent less water at a professional car wash rather than doing it yourself at home,” said Fields.

If you have any questions about automatic car washes or tunnel car washes, please contact us any time.

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