Built to Last


Designing a new car wash is a big investment. An architect with experience in the car wash industry will save you time and money. Building a car wash is different than building a basic structure. It requires a building that can accommodate heavy duty components.

Go with experience. An experienced industry architect can check all the boxes when it comes to the dos and don’ts of constructing a car wash that’s built to last.

It’s all about the referrals. How can you find a trustworthy architect? Look at car wash buildings that you like and go with an architect that has referrals and can offer up locations you can see and experience first-hand.

Consider a blended family. How about a contractor? Don’t they offer architecture services? Some contractors offer design and build services. In this case, they may have an in-house architect that can provide you with drawings. When you choose a design-build option over an independent architect, you have the advantage of keeping the process within the ‘family.’

Be a clear communicator. If you are using an independent architect, communication is key to sure both you and your architect have a clear understanding of your objectives and budget.

Power Player. Make sure your architect has the power to get things done. Can they initiate obtaining the required approval and permits? Can they provide a site assessment of an existing car wash? Can they incorporate the design of systems, including heating, water, recycling, and equipment? Can they ensure approved drawings meet regulations? Will they be part of your project from start to finish?

Ready to plan a car wash build? We’ve got the equipment to create a high-function, state-of-the-art wash system that will last years to come.