Building a carwash: What you need to know about your competitors before you start


Are you considering building a carwash? Positioned correctly, a carwash can generate a great profit, but the start-up process isn’t easy. Without the right information, you may end up spending a lot of money for a minimum return. Know your competition. Here’s how.

Find out if the market has potential
This is important. You can do everything right, but if the market you are entering is oversaturated, you may fall flat.
Do your homework to determine who your competition is. Know what the current demands on the competition are, the percentage of the market they have acquired and who the top performers are.

Know how your competition works
Check out the competitors to see how they operate. How can you do this? Visit the carwash businesses in the area and see what products and services they offer. Are they busy? How big is their customer base? How are the cars handled? What is on their service list? How do their employees interact with customers?
As you go from business to business, you may notice that many offer a lot of the same services. This insight will provide you with the opportunity to find ways to differentiate yourself, improve your own services and attract more customers.

What will you offer?
Before you dive in, you need to know what type of car wash service you are going to provide. Will you offer full service? In-bay automatic? Self-serve? Can you source a site that will accommodate the type of wash system you want to operate?

Equipment matters
It’s a big investment. Your chosen equipment will set you apart from the competition. Does your express tunnel include features like tire chemical applicators and energy efficient nozzles?

Innovative products and services excite customers. They like knowing that their car or truck will be cleaned using cutting-edge techniques and technologies, and they will come to your car wash because it offers them that opportunity.

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