Why Bugs Are Your Car Wash’s Best Friend



There are hundreds of thousands of bugs out there. And sometimes, it seems like they’re all stuck to your customers’ cars’ windshields.

For car wash owners, bugs are your business’ best friend. When the insects begin smashing into windows, your customers come to your car wash to clean them off. Read on to learn what car wash equipment you need to keep your customers satisfied and coming back.

Insects are Sticky Buggers

When an insect hits a windshield going 50 or 60 miles per hour, it explodes on impact. Upon exploding, its innards, which can include enzymes and proteins capable of sticking to the paint on your car and ruining it, leak onto the glass.

If the driver removes the bugs right away, then the enzymes and protein won’t damage the vehicle’s paint job. However, not everyone has that luxury. As a result, dead bugs can stay on cars for days or weeks.

What car wash equipment should car wash owners have on hand for this situation? Chemical bug removers, as the name suggests, remove the buildup of bugs from cars and trucks. They can be used as a pre-soak to soften the bugs and release the chemical bonds holding them to the car. Stronger chemical bug removers actually dissolve the bugs without ruining the vehicle’s finish.

The Best Car Wash Equipment for Bug Removal

Full service car washes work best for removing stubborn, stuck-on bugs. Usually, the chemical bug remover is applied to the vehicle before it enters the car wash. This timing gives the bug remover a chance to penetrate the layer of insect residue. The high-pressure sprayer will remove the chemicals and the bugs.

If you’ve got in-bay washes, don’t worry – bug removal services are still an option. You’ll have to adjust the settings to apply the bug removal chemicals. The chemicals will need to sit on the vehicle in order to remove the insect residue. Follow up the chemicals with a thorough rinse.

Sell Yourself

Do you want customers to turn to your car wash for their insect removal needs? They need to know that you’re offering that service.

Advertise that you have a special bug removal package during the months in which insects cause the most damage to windshields. It can be an additional service or a standalone. The point is, make sure customers know about it.

MacNeil: Your Trusted Source for Car Wash Equipment

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