How to Boost Productivity at Your Car Wash


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Just because your car wash is automatic, doesn’t mean your employees should be.

If you think the machines do all the work at your car wash , that may be one of the reasons your car wash isn’t achieving its full potential.

Let’s take a look at how to get the most out of your employees.

Learn What Productivity Looks Like

Observe your most productive employees. What do they do? How do they act? More importantly, what lessons can they be teaching your less productive employees?

Observation might not be enough. If you haven’t figured out what their trick is, talk to your highest performers and ask them what the secret is to their productivity. After they tell you, figure out a way to communicate that message to your less productive workers and encourage them to perform at a higher level.

Keep Employee Morale Up

When you talk to your high performing employees, it’s likely they’ll say that they’re happy at the car wash and they want to do a good job. Happy employees are productive ones.

What can you do to boost employee morale? Provide incentives and rewards for when employees meet (and exceed) goals. Make sure they’re being paid fairly and on time.

It’s important to remember that employees aren’t as productive when they’re not happy. If that’s the case with some of your employees, find out whether that situation can be rectified. Coaching and mentoring can help employees in this situation, although if the worker’s behaviour doesn’t change after a predetermined amount of time (let’s say, three months), let him or her go. A negative attitude can drag the rest of the team down).

Take a Break

This advice might sound counterintuitive. How can you be productive if you’re on break? However, when employees push themselves too hard, they become burned out. Their productivity levels drop, as does your profit.

Labour laws most likely mandate how often employees have to take a break. Make sure they’re taking those breaks. If you see someone is working extra hard, consider rewarding him or her with a little extra time off.

Boost Your Productivity with New Car Wash Equipment

If you want to improve the productivity of your car wash, you must protect and maintain your car wash equipment. However, if you have the wrong equipment, improving productivity might prove to be difficult.

MacNeil Wash Systems has helped countless car wash owners improve productivity with state-of-the-art car wash systems, and we can help you, too.  Contact us for a no-obligation quote or for more information about our state of the art car wash systems.

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