Qualities of a Successful Car Wash Owner

successful car wash

Do you have what it takes to bring a car wash business to life? Responsibility, personality, leadership, communication. These are some of the traits of a successful car wash owner. Here’s a few things to consider when embarking on car wash ownership for the first time. Skills, skills, skills When first starting out,  you may…

Lock It Down: Car Wash Security

car wash security

Car Wash Security should be a part of any  carwash business but it’s often overlooked by carwash owners. You’ve invested the time and money into owning a successful business.  Protecting it is like repairing a faulty system.  Purchasing new equipment is integral. The right security will help protect your facility, your equipment and your people. Here’s some tips to…

Car Wash Maintenance – 5 Great Tips

car wash maintenance

Regular car wash maintenance will keep customers coming back and ensure many years of safe and reliable operation.  Here’s five great tips for keeping your car wash system in top shape. 5 Great Tips to Maintain Your Car Wash Pressure wash the bays, check water pressure and flow, and run the cycle to ensure everything is…

Summer loving─ Get the most out of your automatic car wash


Summer. After the mad rush for the car wash rinses away the last traces of spring dirt, the hot summer months can sometimes cool down profits. Your automatic car wash faces a lot of competition. Customers often urn to leisurely washing their own cars in the comfort of their own driveways or hitting one of the many…

Repeat Customers ─ 3 Ways to Keep Them Coming Back


With a car wash on practically every block, your car wash needs to differentiate itself by creating a positive, memorable experience to create a following of satisfied, loyal customers. Check out three simple ways to help generate repeat customers.  Make your tunnel car wash the go-to choice. Know your customer You are the face and voice of your…