Behind-the-scenes at MacNeil: Customer-driven innovations

Double Top Brush on Z-Frame - super space saver!
Double Top Brush on Z-Frame – super space saver!

At MacNeil Wash Systems, the most important individual in our R&D department isn’t even on the payroll. That’s because our best and brightest innovations are inspired by you; the customer.

One of the best examples of these customer-inspired achievements is the Double Top Brush Z Frame. This remarkable system came to market after two years of field-driven development, beginning with a customer who called MacNeil with a question: Could this be done?

The customer envisioned improved wash performance on our popular Z frame by adding a second top brush. We took it a step further and designed the brush to spin in reverse, allowing the cleaning material to reach every surface on the vehicle.

Now the Double Top Brush Z Frame offers enhanced and superior cleaning ability in less space than any other product on the market – and all because a MacNeil customer had a question. It just goes to show: When you buy a MacNeil you’re not just buying the best engineering in the industry; you’re also buying a direct line to our R&D department.

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