Beautiful Build!


Things to consider with the car wash building process

Building a new car wash is exciting! For new operators, it’s a chance to create something from the ground up, weaving a model from concept to concrete. For existing operators, it’s a chance to start again and implement the must-haves on their wish list. Here’s a snapshot of things to consider when building a car wash from the ground up.

Quality is king. What is going to make your car wash look successful? Start a list that identifies the features you want to incorporate; things that will help you rise above your competition. This can be anything from colour to shape, aesthetic, signage and more.

Aim for an experienced architect. Designing a new car wash is a big investment. An architect with experience in the car wash industry will save you time and money. Building a car wash is different than building a basic structure. It requires a building that can accommodate heavy duty components.  Go with experience. An experienced industry architect can check all the boxes when it comes to the dos and don’ts of constructing a car wash that’s built to last.

Cue the contractor. A contractor is a vital part of your team. Ask for references. When negotiating a contract, ensure you have a solid grasp on what your contractor will be responsible for and secure a price that fits the complexity of the job.

Earmark an engineer. An engineer can review the layout of the property and ensure it checks all the right boxes, including the capacity to support a car wash. Ensuring site suitability upfront will circumvent costly problems later if you go too far to fix unaddressed problems.

Procure the permits. When a site plan is complete, your contractor can apply for permits to approve the build. It may take your region several weeks or many months to carry your application through the proper chancels and approve them.

Make your machinery dreams come true. With many new and shiny options out there, choosing your equipment will add fun into a functional task. When choosing your provider, ensure you get a price that includes installation and training. The manufacturer can also work with your contractor to ensure the package fits site requirements.

Keep the communication consistent. Once you are ready to roll, communication is key to a successful build. Stay on top of the construction schedule, inspections and any potential problems as they rear their ugly heads. Schedule regular team meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page and the project stays on track to completion.

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