Sales amplified! Fresh ideas to drive customers to your car wash

new customers

From special events to upgrades and exciting new offers, check out these tips to help drive new ideas and new customers to your car wash.

1. Create community 

Many community events, like charity fundraisers, barbecues and fun fairs allow local vendors to set up booths. It’s a great way draw interest and casually interact with local community members so they can get to know you. Offer cards for a free car wash and have some of your top accessories on hand for purchase. Don’t forget to add them to your mailing list so they’ll never miss the latest news or promotion.

2. Create a buzz

Host your own event. Invite a classic car club to showcase their pride and joys. Host a barbecue or cook-off sponsored by your car wash business. Make it fun! Hire local talent to rock it out. Don’t forget the kiddies! Enlist the services of a performer to provide a fun activity for children, like face-painting or a balloon artist. Host an event for charity. Not only will it attract new customers, it can also build a positive reputation in the local community.

3. Upgrade

Boost car wash numbers with a much-needed technology upgrade. Whether adding new equipment or fine tuning an already great system, updates can improve wash results. A cleaner clean will keep them coming back. The bonus? Improved efficiency can also result in lower water and electricity costs. It’s a clean you can feel good about.

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