All Dried Up


The Science Behind Your Car Wash Dryer


The car wash dryer is the finale, the big finish, the final step to a clean, dry, shiny car. A lot of variables in the car wash process affect the result, like the conveyor speed, the volume of chemicals and water, the drip space, the number of dryer nozzles, and the speed used to move a car through the wash system.

Making the grade could be as simple as adjusting the car wash chemistry, toying with the position of the nozzles, or perhaps a new dryer system is needed.

Smooth operator

As an operator, you may be tempted to crank up the conveyor speed to pump more cars through your wash system to increase profits. This may be counter productive, as it decreases the overall effectiveness of the car wash operation. Quicker is not always better, as the dryer will be forced to cut the process short, decreasing the dry time.

Ensure each car has enough drip space and the nozzles are positioned to catch the water that blows to the sides and top. This may require additional nozzles.

The right amount of spacing between arches is key, as it will also allow you to adjust the aim of the nozzles to increase drying effectiveness. For a faster line speed, more nozzles will be needed to effectively dry a vehicle.

Curb the chemicals

A lot of car washes prepare for the dryer by adjusting the car wash chemistry. Products with a higher pH do not prep the vehicle for drying as well as lower pH options. A lower pH product toward the end of the car wash cycle helps neutralize the vehicle and prepare it for the drying stage. Adjusting the pre-dry chemicals are often a great and cost-effective way to improve overall drying.

Deal with the details

When your operations are optimal, turn to the details to improve the drying of mirrors, windows, side moldings, etc. Oscillating nozzles can help target the sides of a vehicle. A spot-free rinse improves the result. Heat to evaporate water droplets leave a smooth, shiny surface.4

Investigate your options to set up the best drying system for your wash. Let us help you produce a great final product.