Can You Afford to Open a Second Car Wash?



So your car wash is raking in decent profits?  But every now and then, you notice a lineup form at the mouth of your car wash.

Most of the customers stay but a few do a quick u-turn in order to get a quick wash elsewhere and you wonder, how do I prevent this from happening again?

This isn’t the only scenario where an owner of a car wash loses business to competitors. Sometimes, without raising much of a fuss, your competitor installs a popular add-on such as a special new wax that draws car owners to their wash instead of your facility.

Instead of scrapping your current wash system, which is perfectly fine, adding another car wash allows customers to choose the newest wash technology without halting your business in the process of upgrading.

Adding Capacity Increases Profits

The fact that you’re considering a second car wash likely means that you already see the opportunity in adding capacity to your business, increasing the amount of profits you can create. Supply and demand are business basics for a reason. When demand outpaces supply, customers inevitably seek alternatives to fulfill their needs and desires.

Giving your competition a chance at success by allowing them to absorb business that you’re not able to handle gives them the opportunity to eventually steal all of your business.  It allows them to change the purchasing patterns of customers that normally flock to your wash for cleaning.

Adding a Second Car Wash Expands the Services You Offer

A second car wash not only increases the amount of customers that you’re able to help.  It also expands the suite of wash services you can offer your patrons without scrapping your original car wash system.

Expanding services allows you to upsell to your customers by offering useful products and services like tire shining, waxing, polishing and other cleaning and maintenance processes.

Opening a second car wash may seem like a costly endeavor.  If your business is turning away customers and losing opportunities to add value to the customer’s experience, you may be losing potential profits.  You may also lose a chance to solidify your presence in the community.

The situation is similar to raising a family. Your first child is an adventure in learning while the experience you’ve gathered makes it easier to be an excellent parent for your second kid.

Ready to Open Your Second Car Wash?

If you’re considering opening a second car wash, your first big step will be getting the right car wash equipment. The profitability of your car wash will largely depend on the efficiency of your equipment. At MacNeil Car Wash Systems, our equipment is engineered to meet the demands of a busy, growing car wash business. These rugged systems are purposefully designed to give you years and years of constant uptime.

Contact us to receive a no-obligation quote or for further information about our quality MacNeil car wash equipment .

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