How to Advertise More Effectively in the Car Wash Business


advertise effectively in car wash businessWant to stay in business? Advertise effectively in the car wash business. It’s that simple.

When you own a car wash, it is important to get as much traffic as possible. One way to get customers to come in is to advertise in the right places. It’s as true here as it is in any business.

Advertising gets the word about your car wash out there. Certain types of advertising can be expensive. In order to be successful, it is important to advertise effectively in the car wash business. That may mean experimenting with what works and throwing out what doesn’t.

Television commercials, for example, can cost several thousand dollars. It’s possible that you don’t have that kind of money for advertising. If that is the case, there are other ways to advertise which are much less expensive.

One way to advertise is through direct mail fliers. You can make a flier, which contains the name of your car wash, the address, and the telephone number. You can also include a list of services provided and the pricing. Be sure to include any deals in the flier.

If you don’t want to spend the money on postage, you could hire someone to go to malls and shopping centers and parking lots. This is less expensive than mailing the fliers and you are still getting your name out there.

Radio is another method of advertising your car wash. It is cheaper than television and it gets your name out there to hundreds of thousands of listeners. When making a radio commercial, remember to mention the address. It is also a good idea to mention the best deals that you offer.

A rather inexpensive way to get your business’ name out there is to advertise with a local popular restaurant. Many restaurants have place mats on the tables with ads from local businesses. It’s important to get just the important points in the ad, because you won’t have a huge space to work with. If it’s a very busy restaurant, hundreds of people could see your ad every week.

Many communities have a local shopping guide that gets mailed to every address in the community. Prices very by the size of the advertisement. You can place an ad in these types of guides for around $18 for a 1/16 page square to $280 for a full page ad. This type of advertising can get to up to 34,000 people. That is a good deal of exposure.
Doing cross promotions with a larger company is a very good advertising idea. One smart idea is to team up with a local car dealership. You can offer new car buyers a certain amount of car washes for the first year.

In exchange, you can have the dealership advertise the deal on their commercials. You may be losing money by giving away the free car washes, however, you are getting exposure television. Like the old adage says, “you have to spend money to make money”.

Banner ads on websites are an excellent marketing idea. You can advertise on sites that generate a great deal of local traffic. This is a rather inexpensive method of advertising and thousands of people will see your ads. It is important however, to advertise on local websites. There is no point in advertising on a company’s website which is hundreds of miles away from your business.

Advertising is the only way to get your business’ information out there. It may cost money but it will make you money in the long run.

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