5 Reasons Why Owning a Car Wash is a Great Investment


car wash equipmentOpening a car wash at your store may not seem like a profitable business venture at first, but a car wash can turn out to be a great investment. Whether you want to stay competitive, need extra income or are looking to attract new customers, a car wash is a great opportunity you don’t want to miss. Here are 5 reasons why car washes can turn out to be a great investment.

1. Different Service Options

Some car wash services are more ideal than others depending on your location, so you can choose the perfect type of car wash for your store. There are 4 different types of car wash services you can consider:

  • Full-service
    Full-service involves more time and money than the others, but will offer you a higher return in profits. Full-service washes are more ideal for higher-end neighborhoods due to the higher cost.
  • Exterior-Conveyor
    Exterior-conveyor car washes offer the second highest income and will require maintenance for the machinery. These car washes are also ideal for upper-class areas.
  • In-bay Automatic
    In-bay car washes are basically a self-service, automatic wash bay that is ideal in middle-class areas. These types of car washes typically bring in a lower profit than the previous two.
  • Self-Service
    Self-service is the cheapest car wash to start, but also has the lowest profits. Due to the low cost for service, self-service car washes are ideal in middle to low income areas.

 2. High Demand

With the amount of vehicles on the road and busy schedules people have, people just don’t have the time or willpower to wash their car at home. A car wash offers a perfect opportunity to get their car cleaned much faster.

3. Profits

Making money is one of the main driving forces for store owners, and with the increase in customers using your car wash and visiting your store, you will see a sales increase. The amount of money a car wash can bring in really depends on the type of car wash service you are offering, but even a self-service car wash can give you a very comfortable profit margin.

4. Expanding Your Business

Perhaps you are looking to open up stores at new locations or you want to expand your business by hiring new employees and offering new services? A car wash can be a solid investment to help you reach your goals. Opening a new store with a car wash in an upper-class area can greatly increase your profits.

5. Staying a Step Ahead of Your Competitors

A car wash could be the service your competitors are lacking, or if they do have one, you could offer better services to stay ahead in the game.

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