5 (Easily Avoidable) Ways to Lose Your Existing Car Wash Customers


5 (Easily Avoidable) Ways to Lose Your Existing Car Wash Customers

While it is important to figure out how you can gain more car wash customers, you must also consider what you can do to avoid losing your current ones.

If you are not taking the right steps to keep your current customers, then not only will your growth stagnate, but your business opportunities will inevitably shrink. That being said, here are five (easily avoidable) ways to lose your existing car wash customers:

1. Forgetting to Thank Customers For Their Business

As business developer Karl Walinskas noted in a recent LinkedIn post, not thanking customers can cause them to start “feeling unappreciated.” Remember that your car wash isn’t the only one in town, so your customers don’t have to visit you. Thanking them for their business reminds them that you understand this and makes them feel like you will go above and beyond to help them.

2. Not Offering Specials For Current Car Wash Customers

Customers notice when you only offer specials for new customers, and it upsets them, to say the least. While you’re luring new customers with great promotions, be sure to take care of your current ones.

3. Being Rude to Your Current Customers

Make sure that your team is polite and courteous to every customer.

While this seems like a given, you can unintentionally incentivize your workers to be rude. For example, as Jeff Haden of INC mentioned in a recent article, creating a system wherein “commission rates are much higher for new customers than existing customers” will make your employees pay less attention to loyal customers.

4. Failing to Keep up With The Latest Car Wash Innovations

Offering “the best car wash value to your customers” should be one of your main priorities. If it is not, then the customers (who will see and hear about better car wash solutions from friends and family) will go to someone who does provide the best car wash solutions for added value.

5. Ignoring Your Competition

What is your competition doing to attract customers? If you aren’t actively finding out, then you will lose customers without knowing why.

This is because you must be prepared to counteract the things your competition does to lure their customers away. For example, if a competitor is offering a promotion, you could offer some customer incentives of your own.

As KISSmetrics noted in a recent post, “61% of consumers take their business to a competitor when they end a business relationship.” This means that if you are losing car wash customers to another company, then it’s probably your fault. Find out what you’re doing wrong and stop doing it.

Invest in Efficient Car Wash Systems to Keep Your Customers

Without the right car wash equipment, keeping your car wash customers will be next to impossible. If you truly want to keep your customers happy, you should invest in modern car wash systems, and Macneil Wash Systems can set you up.

We have been in the industry for more than 30 years and during that time, we have installed countless car wash systems, provided equipment to new and established car wash companies, and supplied parts to customers across North America. Contact us today to receive a no-obligation quote or further information.

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