5 Things Your Car Wash Needs Before the Summer



It’s that time of year where people come to you to make their ride sparkle. Is your car wash ready for summer car wash season?

To make sure your facility and your team are ready, make sure you have these 5 things for the summer.

1. Summer Students

Provide a win-win by giving a student a summer job, while giving yourself some very affordable staff. Some areas will even pay you incentives to bring on a summer student.

So find out what’s available in your area. Give your staff (or yourself) a bit of relief, and hire someone who can step in to fill in during summer vacations and long weekends.

2. A Sports Team

Sponsoring a local sports team has always been an underrated way to market your car wash.

Get your business name or logo on baseball, softball, soccer, or basketball jerseys. Particularly if they happen to play in your geographic area.

“Sponsorship is a mutually beneficial relationship between two organisations, a rights owner such as a sports club, and a fund provider — the business,” Jackie Fast, sponsorship manager and managing director at Slingshot Sponsorship told The Marketing Donut.


3. Google Map Listing

Your town will most likely get an influx of new cars during summer car wash season; tourist and visitors. It’s really simple: Google points people towards you.

“These results are not automatic. They come up because the business owner has listed his business on Google Maps. It is now time to list your business on Google Maps,” wrote Deepak Kanakaraju.

4. An Active Social Feed

Keep your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram humming. If you’ve never really delved into social marketing, summer is a good time.

Reach out to your area. Have a “dirtiest car picture gets a free car wash” promotion, or something like that.

Offer up daily coupons and specials, but remember to talk about more than yourself. Also, talk about other local businesses and events happening in your city this summer. Concerts and festivals are a great example.

5. New Equipment

Is it time to upgrade your equipment? Is your old stuff clunky or oft-broken?

Summer can be an exciting time to unveil some new equipment. It can also be more affordable than you think.

If you do upgrade, don’t be afraid to show it off on your social channels. Get your pictures up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to include pictures of the shiny new equipment, and even shinier cars you’ve cleaned with it.

Also be sure to fully train your employees in how to use and maintain it. Also, it would be very helpful to train them how to talk about it. That way, they can describe the features and benefits at a moment’s notice during summer car wash season.

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