The 4 Types of Car Wash Customers You Will Encounter Every Day



When your car wash is humming, it means that you have plenty of customers arriving to make use of the excellent services that you offer. Most will arrive and leave with little incident, blending into the daily operation of your business without fanfare.

However, there are types of car wash customers that will arrive every day who are a bit more challenging to deal with. Here are four of the more common types of customers that you will encounter on a daily basis.

The Perfectionist

The perfectionist is one of the finest allies you can have in your business. However, they can also turn into a nightmare customer.

The perfectionist will look over every square millimeter of space over their car.  Mentally cataloging any spots that you may have missed. On the other hand, they’re the ones who are most likely to appreciate a job well done.  They spread the good word to other discerning car wash customers.

Perfectionists are also the most likely to order add-ons that make their car shine just a little extra – just how they like it.

The Donald Trump

Similar to the Republican candidate and famous business magnate, this type of customer is intersted in showing off his financial superiority through conspicuous consumption. The Donald Trump will arrive in a vehicle that looks great but doesn’t really do much compared to other cars in a similar category.

The good news is the Donald has to drop plenty of money to validate his lifestyle.  The bad news is that he’s the most likely to speak badly about your business and sue if anything goes wrong.

The Cheapskate

One of the most frustrating customers you will encounter is the cheapskate.  Those who seeks to save a little bit of coin through any means possible. They’re the ones who will bring their own rags to dry the car off, saving less than a dollar in the process. The key to dealing with cheapskates is to never waver on the integrity of your pricing.  Instead offering extra value through better service and customer rapport.

The Talker

Sometimes, people have nothing better to do than spend an hour chatting with every local business owner.  Often because no one else will listen to them. The good news is they’re communicators who will spread the word far and wide of the excellence of your business. The downside is that good customer service practices demand that you listen to what he has to say.

The process of running any business involves dealing with many different types of personalities. These four personalities are some of the more extreme that you will come across on a daily basis.  That doesn’t mean that they aren’t good customers.  They just need to be treated a little differently than most people.

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