4 Reasons We Love Winters at a Car Wash


Reasons We Love Winters at a Car Wash

If you own a car wash company, then you should absolutely love the wintertime. Instead of shutting down during the colder months, you should be preparing for a surge in business unlike what you will see during other seasons. Below are four reasons why winter is where it’s at.

1. Experts Recommend Getting a Car Wash More Often during the Winter

Some people are hesitant to do anything unless a certified expert tells them that it is a good idea. Fortunately for the health of your business, the experts are practically begging people to get their cars washed during the wintertime.

Road and Travel Magazine, one of the top auto magazines on the planet, for example, recently stated that “by having your car washed monthly, not only do you protect your investment and save money, you also ensure your continued freedom to go anywhere and do anything.”

These recommendations are not arbitrary, either. As we will discuss in the following sections, there are some very important reasons that experts are making statements like these.

2. Snow and Salty Winter Roads Make Cars Dirty

Winter conditions don’t just cause cars to look bad — they will also cause significant vehicle damage. As Our Toronto Life noted in a recent article, “salt on your car is the worst because when mixed with water – it is corrosive.” Corrosion will destroy a car’s body, so this means that getting one’s car washed is not only important to make it look good in the short term, but also to protect it in the long term.

3. Clean Cars Are Safer during the Winter

Winter roads are extremely dangerous, and people are always looking for ways to mitigate the increased risk caused by slick roads.

As Greg Pilichowski, manager of WaterPark Full Service Car Wash noted in a recent interview, a thorough car wash is a great way to “protect vehicles from the slush on the roads.” This means that people will be giving you their business in order to enhance their vehicle’s safety.

4. Most People Can’t Wash Their Cars at Home during the Winter

This one is a no-brainer. Most people who prefer to wash their own car simply can’t (or won’t) when it is freezing outside. This is because even if they have a garage, they simply do not have the equipment to effectively clean their car without damaging their car and risking their own safety.

This means that most people who understand all of the factors discussed above will have no choice but to pay their local car wash a visit.

Have You Prepared for the Winter Car Wash Boom?

In order to benefit from the influx of car wash customers during the winter, you must be prepared. This means using thorough maintenance procedures, replacing components as needed and winterizing your facilities. If you are using outdated car wash systems or equipment, you should consider replacing it with modern machinery and tools.

At Macneil Wash Systems, we have the latest car wash systems capable of boosting your sales. Car wash owners rely on us to help them maintain and replace their equipment, in order to be profitable throughout the winter, and the entire year.  Contact us today for more details.


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