3 Tips to Writing Better Car Wash Signage


car wash signageLet’s face it; your car wash signage can make or break your business. It’s oftentimes all people see when they’re driving by. Your great signs can draw customers in to take advantage what you have to offer; they suddenly have the bright idea to get their car washed, and presto! You’ve brought in  new business just like that.

Writing good signage isn’t quite as simple as you think, though. There’s a lot of subtle psychology that goes into a great but simple sign that draws in customers.

Three tips to writing better car wash signage:

Be professional and to the point

You’ve seen this: There’s a great sign that someone’s obviously taken a lot of time and effort to create – and yet, it’s got a glaring spelling error, or some other mistake that completely distracts from the sign’s message. Fail.

Professionalism counts, and that includes spelling and grammar. Take your time, have someone check your work, and make sure that your message is clearly understood.

In addition, get to the point quickly. People are going to be reading your sign as they drive by, and you don’t have a lot of time to get your message across.

Grab attention with a call to action

Make your signage more effective with some sort of special or deal that passersby can take advantage of for a limited time only. “Today only: sign up to be a member and get free car wash! Details inside!” is one such example of a sign that will draw in customers for the first time – and keep them coming back.

Everyone wants something for “free,” but the way you make your money on a call to action like this is to sign up members. This type of call to action format works for any specials or deals you have going on.

Be brief, be bold, and make sure your brand is represented

You can write great car wash signage that hits all the marks – but if you don’t work in your brand somehow, your customers may not take note that it’s you they should be patronizing.

There are lots of ways to advertise today: You can (and should) have a website that you publicize on social media, for example, and you can do a lot to run advertising campaigns via text message and other modern venues.

However, the signage you write for your car wash needs to shout to passersby that you’re the one making the offer or the advertisement: Put your car wash name (and logo, if possible) in your signage at all times. “Bring a Friend and Wash 2 cars for 1! Ends Sunday!”

Finally, don’t forget that customer loyalty and word-of-mouth are your best assets when it comes to marketing, no signage needed. Signage is important, because it brings those customers to you – but if you want to make them stay loyal customers, make sure you treat them right.

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