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While we always have lots to say about ourselves, we also like to occasionally share the type of feedback our MacNeil Car Wash Systems partners are getting from their clients around North America. So for this post we’ll be sharing some insights from MacNeil Car Wash partners on what you need to know about the RS-1000 Evolution Top Brush.

If you’re looking for corporate info or how to get replacement foam, it can be ordered conveniently on our page, and is available in a variety of fun color options.

For more detailed information, check out all the features and technical data on our web page for the RS-1000 Evolution Top Brush.

“MacNeil is known as the industry leader in the development of new products that produce cleaner, dryer vehicles. In 2002, MacNeil re-introduced the top brush to car wash technology, and quickly proved that the Evolution is the most powerful piece of top cleaning equipment on the market today. Featuring MacNeil’s revolutionary Envirosoft 2nd Generation foam cleaning material, it is lightweight, gentle on vehicle protrusions such as antennas, grills, wipers and bug shields, and outperforms any mitters or other top brushes on the market.

MacNeil’s RS-1000 Evolution Top Brush is engineered to target specific problem areas including front window eyebrows, upper back windows, roof racks and rear spoilers, and delivers the same great clean to SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks and small cars.” – Carolina Pride Car Wash, Roxboro, North Carolina

“The Evolution is the only top brush engineered with a single-leg design. This space-saving feature allows two top brushes to fit in roughly the same space as one – providing double cleaning power in the same footprint. Or, for sites with minimal tunnel length, operators can take advantage of the added space and combine a single top brush with another wash component in the same footprint.

The Evolution uses air to provide consistent wash pressures. Unlike other top brushes on the market that rely on counter balances to adjust wash pressure, J&M RS-1000 Evolution Top Brush uses air regulators and cylinders to provide the downward wash pressure. This method is highly accurate, and can be adjusted in less than a minute.

Additionally, this method provides a consistent pressure over the entire vehicle.

The Evolution is the only top brush designed with a counter-rotating brush option for maximum cleaning coverage. The single leg design of the RS-1000 Evolution Top Brush allows the installation of two units back to back in just over the footprint of one. This saves valuable tunnel space, and delivers superior results. While one brush rotates forward, the other brush rotates backward, reaching areas not attainable by a single brush. This design is particularly effective when cleaning the backs of SUVs and other large vehicles because the two brushes work as a team and follow the shape of the vehicle more closely.

The Evolution is the only top brush with advanced vehicle sensing technology for automatic, safe pickup truck bed retraction. MacNeil’s vehicle sensing technology is the most advanced in the industry.

In addition to determining whether a pickup truck has entered the tunnel, our system calculates everything down to the size of the truck, where the rear of the bed is located, and when the top brush should retract. By developing the most sophisticated auto-retract kit in the industry, our customers know they can count on MacNeil’s for greater car wash safety and reduced damage claims.

Product Features

·           Envirosoft 2nd Generation foam; available in blue, red or black

·           Stainless steel hardware and bearings

·           Pro-Coat finish

·           Direct drive

·           Electric or Hydraulic drive

·           Cleans at line speeds of up to 160 cars/hour

·           Cantilever design – can be mounted on either side of the wash bay

·           “No-Shim” leveling feet

·           Consistent, accurate brush control regulated by air pressure

·           MacNeil’s Wash Pro cylinders ensure longer product life and better performance

·           Counter-rotating dual-brush design (optional)

·           Auto Retract Kit for pickup truck bed detection (optional)”

JM Car Wash Builders, Cliffside Park, New Jersey

“A true technology leader, MacNeil is always one step ahead; from top-notch equipment design, performance and profitability, and expert aftermarket support, MacNeil delivers the most well-rounded car wash package available. With a commitment to service excellence, MacNeil car washes are designed to meet the unique demands for the tunnel car wash industry and for the corporate customer, wash chain operations, automotive dealer, fleet and rental markets.”

– – Auto Auto Wash, Centennial, Colorado

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