These 3 Things Cost Car Wash Owners Thousands


car wash owners

The news today is full of stories about drought, power cuts, and pollution. Car wash owners are among the businesses hardest hit by these, and must always keep looking for more ways to reduce costs and increase profits while also supporting their local community.


Water is wasted on a daily basis, with thousands of gallons literally getting flushed down the drain every day. Bills can get quite high, especially for car wash owners. A good water reclaimation system can save hundreds of gallons and cut water bills in an increasingly thirsty world. They can also allow a company to keep running when others have reduced hours or even been forced to close. Upkeep on reclaiming systems is minimal, taking approximately ten minutes a week, depending on the system you have installed.


On a similar note, having a sustainable car wash in general will allow you to reduce costs and market yourself as a green company. It’s a proven fact that you can increase profits and reduce your consumption at the same time. By installing skylights and large windows, you can use natural light to reduce power costs. Installing a slanted roof will allow you to collect rainwater, similar to a water recycling system, and use it to provide water to other on-site facilities like washrooms or as drinking water. Solar panels are another sustainable source of energy, but may not be feasible depending on your location. Running a sustainable business could significantly reduce your bills, so shop around and see what works best for you.

Not automating your labour

A good correlator is vital for providing a smooth entry to your tunnel for customers. Unfortunately, many car washes require staff to hook the car up to the correlator. It’s a tiny thing, but too many companies have yet to automate their correlators. Many new correlators (like our own rc-120 correlator) can automatically hook up to the vehicle, allowing you to reduce labor costs and speed up the process, letting you service more customers and quicker.

Similarly, when it comes to drying off the vehicle, many companies still need workers on-hand to dry off vehicles after passing through the tunnel. This wastes time, money and water. With an automated dryer, like the Flash Dry Process, you can further reduce labor costs, and allow vehicles to pass through quicker, meaning you can service more people. You pay less and earn more.

Questions About Car Wash Equipment?

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