Why the 100′ Express Tunnel is Great for Business


We’ve been refreshing a lot of content on our social channels recently and that includes some sexy new YouTube videos! Have you seen them?

Now, we weren’t able to lure Jessica Simpson to make an appearance on our car wash videos. But we can show you how our MacNeil 100’ Express Tunnel is great for your business.

Our clients love that our tunnels consistently give customers a superiorly clean vehicle. You can process more customers per hour with our express tunnels and in-bay conversions.

MacNeil wash systems are also easy to clean (as part of daily maintenance) so your system continues to look like the day it was installed.

Take a full tour of a MacNeil 100′ Express Tunnel. This video includes footage of our WrapAround brushes, Top Brush, Wheel Boss and Gloss Boss in action!

MacNeil Take a full tour of a MacNeil 100′ Express Tunnel. This video includes footage of our WrapAround brushes, Top Brush, Wheel Boss and Gloss Boss in action!

A complete tour from pre-soak to dryers of a MacNeil 100′ Express Tunnel in action!

Jeff Blansit, President & CEO of Water Works Auto Spa in Kyle, Texas recently added a 120′ MacNeil express tunnel to his car wash operation. Tour his wash and hear why he chose MacNeil over the competition.

The prevailing factors for my selection of MacNeil
● durability of the equipment
● efficiency of the equipment
● the small amount maintenance that’s required… as opposed to some of the other equipment in the marketplace

Highlights of the MacNeil equipment at Water Works Auto Spa:

  1. 120-foot conveyor
  2. MacNeil Wheel Boss
  3. MacNeil Flex Wraps – great innovation in the industry – cleans very well – soft touch to the car, great cleaning process & a very low maintenance item – two top brushes & Flex Wrap even gets the back of cars!
  4. Gloss Boss – Puts dressing on in such an even format there’s no touch ups required and they’ve even noticed less product used!

Customers Love MacNeil Results
Jeff’s customers love, “How powerful the dryers are and how cleaner cars are coming out.”

Who Builds Your Car Wash Equipment Matters!
“MacNeil equipment is built so much better than many of the other vendors that are out there. The MacNeil equipment is superior to them, and that was one of the main driving factors in going with MacNeil and it’s proven to be a good decision for us so far. We know we’ll save dollars in maintenance & labour and with 3 or 4 new sites in the next few years, we are certainly planning to use MacNeil.

McNeil is very high on my list, given when compared the factory equipment – construction reliability and cost remains a key consideration”

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About the author: Debbie Horovitch is a 20-year advertising media veteran and SEO content producer currently working on her 1st book and training program for marketers using YouTube and Google+ Hangouts on Air, Celebrity Hangouts on Air. Debbie has been working with automotive and aftermarket marketing professionals and media, since 1996.

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