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SB Series Magnum Side Blasters High Pressure Cleaning for Tough to Reach Areas

Our high-pressure Magnum Side blasters add powerful cleaning performance to any tunnel in a minimal amount of space.  Offered in a two sizes, they reach from low to high areas for complete side blasting!   

Take a closer look:
  • available in SB-900 nine nozzle or SB-1100 eleven nozzle model
  • SB-900 model available with optional swiveling Following Feature
  • provide greater vertical reach to clean from the rockers up to the mirrors
  • high-pressure rotary turbo nozzles produce the best cleaning and rinsing in the industry
  • ideal for new installations or retro-fits

SB Series Magnum Side Blasters

  • Quick and easy to install with minimal space requirements
  • Adjustable no-leak ball easily swivels for accurate positioning
  • Pivoting action increases dwell time
  • MacNeil’s Wash Pro Cylinders ensure longer product life and better performance
  • Can be used with fresh or reclaim water
  • One year manufacturer warranty


  • 32.2 GPM (81.31 LPM) for SB-900 pair
  • 00.0 GPM (00.00 LPM) for SB-1100 pair
  • 800 PSI (55 BAR) pressure
  • ¾” supply line up to 50 feet
  • 1” supply line over 50 feet

Pneumatics: (for optional following feature on SB-900 only)

  • ¼” (6mm) line
  • Consumption ½ CFM (14.16 LPM)


Following Feature on SB-900 only

  • 24 VAC, 1.8 A (air control panel)
  • 110 VAC, .33 A control voltage
  • one output required for the Following Feature
  • one outlet required for the Pumping Station

Fixed Position

  • one output required for the Pumping Station