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How to Teach Car Wash Employees Suggestive Selling

automatic car wash equipment

How to get more from your car wash equipment and car wash systems

Your employees need to know more than the ins and outs of your automatic car wash equipment and car wash systems. They need to know it so well that they’re able to upsell or “suggestive sell” on the fly.

If your employees aren’t practicing suggestive selling, you’re missing potential revenue from literally every customer. It’s an important part of driving your own business, while creating more satisfied (and repeat) customers.

“Spend time investing in your employees’ training. Teach, implement and enforce a rule requiring each of your employees to use suggestive selling to market the car wash every single day, without exception. Discipline is the key,” said Howard Riell in an article called Growing Your Car Wash Business.

If you’re not doing it now, it’s not too late. It’s easier than you think to train your staff to sell more.

Step 1: Strengthen Product Knowledge:
It all starts here. Make sure your staff is up to date on your entire inventory of car care products. Make sure they all know the features and the benefits, so they can suggest products that can actually help a customer, versus arbitrarily suggesting something.

Step 2: Create an Environment of Improvement
Give your staff the tools they need to learn. Quiz them on products and encourage each other to do the same. Try matching your strongest performers with your weaker ones so they can observe what it takes to sell.

Step 3: Measure and Reward Results
Be sure to track how your efforts are paying off. Be sure to reward your highest performers with an incentive program.

Never simply say, “We’re trying to upsell more” and leave it at that. You need to follow up and show employees that this is now part of company culture.

If you have any questions about automatic carwashes or car wash equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

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