Reliable, Durable Car Wash Systems for Every Application

Car wash owners always aim to provide their customers with the highest quality car wash available while still capitalizing on high-throughput numbers and increased profits. Knowing that you choose to utilize MacNeil car wash systems to achieve these goals is not just gratifying to hear, but also a testament to the exceptional engineering the goes in to every component of a MacNeil car wash system. In partnership with our Professional Distributor Partners, MacNeil offers a combination of millions of hours of industry knowledge that are yours to take full advantage of.

An Industry Leader

As a leader in car wash systems, MacNeil prides itself on the reputation we have built over the last 30-plus years. A reputation forged on reliability, durability and know-how—and those aren’t terms we’ve given ourselves, but our customers who have experienced the difference over many years in the industry. Join them and experience the MacNeil difference.

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Richard Davis

Richard Davis, 4th Avenue Car Wash, Gainesville, GA

We have been nothing but pleased with the MacNeil setup here at the car wash.

Victor Thomas

Victor Thomas, Hamilton Honda, Hamilton, NJ

To me, MacNeil is like the Lamborghini/Maserati of tunnel equipment.


John Pinson, Palms Car Wash, Austin, TX

If you have something that everybody else doesn’t have and you can offer better quality than your competitor, that’s what will bring the customers to you and that’s what we try to offer here. I would definitely recommend MacNeil.

Jeff Blansit

Jeff Blansit, Water Works Auto Spa, Kyle, TX

I selected MacNeil equipment after extensive research, trade shows [and] site visits, and the number one prevailing reason for making the selection of the MacNeil equipment was the durability of the equipment.

Glen Sheeley

Glen Sheeley, Sheeley’s Car Wash, Walden, NY

What I would tell somebody, even a local guy that’s going to put up a wash—or even a local competitor thinking about getting MacNeil is, just buy it.

Gary Jones

Gary Jones, Super Suds Car Wash, North Platte, NE

I want[ed] something that was going to take less maintenance, less parts replacement—and that’s why I went with MacNeil

Jason Brown

Jason Brown, Extreme Clean Auto Wash, Meridianville, AL

As we were getting in the car wash business, obviously I did my homework and knew there would be competition. I wanted to be the best, and after doing some research, MacNeil Equipment is simply the best in the industry.

Mike Dickert

Mike Dickert, Complete Carwash, Anniston, AL

I chose to represent MacNeil car wash equipment because I truly believe that it is the finest car wash equipment that you can buy.

Truitt Luckie

Auto Oasis Express Wash, Hoover, AL

I would equate MacNeil equipment to the Mercedes of car wash equipment.